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Gold Seal – The Online Training Leader Since 2006

Tens of thousands of Private Pilots owe their success to us. We pioneered online multimedia training and remain your most effective choice.

Written, Oral, and Flight Test – Pass Them All With Ease!

This program covers all the bases and does it in the fastest and most efficient and way! Gold Seal goes way past the old-style talking head videos everyone else offers. You will be engaged by active multimedia lessons that make learning all the vital information a fun experience.

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Over 40 video and animated lessons cover every detail that you need to know. Your syllabus is taken straight from the FAA Airman Certification Standards. It is all self-paced and your progress is stored in the cloud.

Quizzes and Exams using REAL FAA QUESTIONS are integrated and stored for your review. When you complete the course, your FAA Written Test Endorsement for the Private Pilot Knowledge Test is generated automatically.

  • Aircraft Basics
  • Pilot Qualifications and Currency
  • Aerodynamics Fundamentals
  • Airplane Instruments (including Glass Cockpits)
  • National Airspace System
  • Airport Operations
  • Flight Maneuvers
  • Sectional Charts
  • Engines and Aircraft Systems
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Aviation Weather, Charts, and Reports
  • Cross Country Navigation
  • Night Flight
  • Weight and Balance
  • Performance Charts
  • Aeromedical Factors
  • Written Exam Strategy
  • Plan for Checkride Success
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Massive new opportunities await you and you have one primary goal. It is the first and most important step in establishing yourself as a commercial Remote Pilot.

Pass Your Part 107 Test.  Become a Commercial Remote Pilot.

Gold Seal was the first to offer an online Part 107 ground school. And Gold Seal is hands-down, your best choice for getting this test behind you.

The Test is Hard. Gold Seal Makes it Easy.

Learn from FAA certificated flight instructors using real FAA test questions! Pass your test in the quickest manner possible using Gold Seal’s industry leading Knowledge Transfer systems.

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The Gold Seal Remote Pilot Ground School is developed and taught by FAA certificated flight instructors. Don’t settle for anything less. Here’s what you get with Gold Seal:

  • 30+ Video and Animated lessons
  • Unlimited quizzes and full practice exams
  • Every quiz is stored for later review
  • Print out PDFs containing the questions you missed!
  • Gold Seal automated “Flash Cards”
  • Downloadable lesson notes and resources
  • Downloadable chapters from the FAA textbooks
  • Bonus videos (want to see a lithium battery catch fire?)
  • Full coverage of the FAA Airman Certification Standards
  • Certificate of Completion, signed by an FAA CFI
  • 24/7 Access – Study at your own pace – Results stored in the cloud
  • Telephone and email support
  • Free Test Drive – Take your first two lessons for FREE!
  • Full Access for Four Years: Pass your initial test and your next two re-certification tests with Gold Seal confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAA Knowledge Test is administered by either CATS or Lasergrade. It is taken at a testing center on a computer. There are 60 multiple choice questions and you are allowed two hours to complete the test. Minimum passing score is 70%. After completion you will immediately be given your test results.

You can, but it is very difficult. Most of the FAA documents were designed for manned aircraft. While many of the topics overlap with drone operations, they are frequently not described with drones in mind. The main pilot textbook, the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, (for example) contains over 600 pages. Only 50 or 60 of those pages relate to questions on the Remote Pilot test. It is a very tough job to know exactly what to study and what to skip over. You need a guided program like Gold Seal that covers everything you need to know, but nothing more.

No. You must first receive your temporary airman certificate. This is a paper copy that you print out yourself. A permanent plastic certificate will arrive in the mail several weeks later. You must have either a temporary or permanent airman certificate in your possession before operating under Part 107

When you pass your written test you will receive a hardcopy Knowledge Test Report. You will next create an account at and submit your request online. During this procedure you will be asked to enter a number from your Knowledge Test Report. After completion of your submission, if no problems arise, you will receive an email containing a link. Use this to print your temporary certificate.

Todd Shellnutt, Master CFI
2015 AOPA Flight Instructor of the Year

“I’ve seen a lot of ground training programs and Gold Seal clearly stands out at the top. It is the gold standard for online pilot training programs. This is the one you want.”