Part 107

On August 29, 2016 the aviation world changed forever. This is the day that the FAA implemented Part 107 – the new Remote Pilot airman certification. Now, pilots of unmanned aircraft under 55 pounds can conduct legal, commercial operations. The new rule allows flight in all sorts of circumstances opening up massive new opportunities. All you have to do is pass the FAA Knowledge Test.

Learn Exactly What’s on the FAA Test

The test isn’t easy and it does require some study. But the good news is that Gold Seal gives you complete coverage in a fun, interactive format divided into 30+ video and animated lesson modules.

Practice with the REAL FAA questions!

The FAA questions are defined by a document well known to flight instructors. It is called the Airman Certification Standards. Gold Seal has been working with these documents to help pilots pass their airman tests for over ten years. And we’re ready to do the same thing with you!

We know precisely what is covered on the the FAA exam and this is the knowledge we transfer – from us to you.

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